An app to choose your sartorial shirt

Nowadays choosing the perfect shirt is easier and faster thanks to new technologies. People are busier than in the past, time is always less and the daily commitments are more and more.

Among the many work commitments, the family, social events and leisure, it becomes increasingly difficult to find the right compromise and be able to spend time on purchases in terms of clothing.

For this reason it can be interesting to use new technologies and choose clothes thanks to the e-shops available on the internet.

Finding the right shirt, made by sartorial techniques, today is much easier thanks to the new application made by XACUS.


An app to choose the sartorial shirt

The boutique of the future is online. To have easily the most desired garment to play a decisive role is the new perfect shirt app, thanks to which you get a tailored garment.

This is an extremely useful support that allows, through the “shop by fitpath, to choose the shirt according to four types of wearability, in detail:

. Evolution classic, a classic and wide-cut shirt with no pleats on the back and is perfect for both work and formal occasions;

. Tailor Custom a shirt with an intermediate fit thanks to the pleats on the back and the presence of calibrated armholes, a garment that adapts to the vast majority of body sizes:

. Slim is the perfect fitting shirt for those with a slim body and a dry body. It allows you to use stretch fabrics and to be worn with extreme comfort;

. Extra Long line dedicated to those who need to take larger measures and buy a garment with 5 cm longer length on the bust and sleeve.

With the app you also choose the style of the shirt

Furthermore the app dedicates a sector to the choice of the shirt’s style to ensure the proper look.

An opportunity that considers different models including:

. Business, realized according to the canons of Italian artisans and the use of high quality fabrics;

. Business Casual formal but not too much;

. Fashion to enjoy the fit of slim lines and stretch fabrics;

. Evening Tuxedo to dress with great class at important events where elegance reigns supreme;

. Casual & Sport is the perfect solution for leisure and informal clothing for the office thanks to jeans, linen, flannel and cotton shirts for which a vintage chic look prevails.